About Me

Massage Therapy has been an important part of a healthy life-style all throughout history. The benefits range from simple mental relaxation to pre- and post-operative medical remedies.

There are hundreds of different types of massage and modalities to be explored, and many different personalities in bodywork. I invite you to experience the customized combination of my extensive training including: Swedish, Esalen, Deep Tissue, Ayurvedic and Sports Massage. Active Release Technique is popular with regular clientele including professional athletes. I have developed massage enhancements to customize your treatment which include Sinus pressure release, TMJ release, and an amazing transcendental aromatherapy scalp massage. I have advanced my education with Polarity Healing Arts studying Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Reiki. These practices are very gentle and support newborn massage, colicky babies and postnatal child birth trauma. I encourage the different approaches of bodywork and try to encompass all the experience and knowledge into every session.

I have been a full-time massage therapist in Manhattan Beach, CA since 1998, enjoying every year more than the last. These prestigious schools along with an internship with an Osteopath and Chiropractor and working at two beautiful day spas, Montage and Murad, have afforded me a wonderful opportunity for growth and experience. I was the owner and therapist at my beautiful studio on the beach in Southern California for 14 years. New Vive Skin and Body Studio was my pride and joy and is still open to this day.

In 2002 I completed the State Board certification for my esthetician license, continuing training with multiple product lines and treatment protocol certifications. Being able to offer high quality service along with quality products have transformed my practice into a perfect, intimate setting to find a new outlook on life.

I look forward to treating you,
Ginger Sweeney